To me, Lennox Head is a dream. I absolutely love the coastal living, the calm vibes and the friendly people. It also really reminds me of the Northern Beaches, where I am from. It’s a little less busy, with a slower pace, but this is exactly what’s great about this gorgeous part of New South Wales.

My partner James and I spent 2 weeks here at my lovely sister and her husband’s house. There were so many happy vibes when we got there. I hadn’t seen my sister since before James and I got engaged so there was a lot of excitement. She also had the most gorgeous little gifts for me for my birthday (which was on the same day as our engagement!)

Engagement and Birthday Gifts
Surprise gifts!

Upon arrival, I felt instantly relaxed. There was space, and a lot of it. The houses were big and so were the backyards. Everything you’d hope for in a home. As part of our trip around Australia, James and I really want to find a nice spot to eventually settle in. For me, this is definitely Lennox Head, and I’m going to tell you why.

Ocean for days

Everywhere you look, it feels as though there is ocean for days. The views up and down the coast are incredible with the ocean just stretching on. There are so many beautiful spots to just sit, relax, enjoy a coffee and soak in the endless horizon.

Kaede At Boulder Beach
Relaxing at Boulder Beach. Bikini from Burrows & Co.

Boulder beach

Boulder Beach is easily my favourite beach in Lennox Head. It’s quite small in comparison to the other beaches that surround it like Seven Mile and Sharpes. Whilst the beach is mostly covered in small boulders, there are sand patches for you to set up a little Turkish towel and relax by the ocean for the day.

I also found it really nice to sit up on the headland at the south end of the beach, near the car park, and watch the surfers catch the right hand break across the beach. On a sunny winters morning you could sit here for hours just taking it all in.

Lennox Head Coastal Walk Scenery

Coastal walks

There are plenty of places to take a coastal walk. A walk by the ocean first thing in the morning is the best way to start the day. Breathing in the fresh ocean breeze and getting your heart rate up a little! I also find it perfect on a warm afternoon as a way to wind down.

You can find a nice, long boardwalk in Lennox Head that winds along the foreshore and up towards the point of Lennox Head. (I usually started the walk at Rutherford Street, right near the Lennox Head shops). This walk is great because it has a good set of stairs up on the headland. These take you to some pretty amazing vantage points as well.

Lennox Head Lookout

One of the best spots for whale watching

If you know me personally or you’ve read my previous article about my time in Seal Rocks, you’ll know how much I enjoy watching the whales. This is one of the reasons why I have so much love for Lennox Head.

Lennox Head is known as a brilliant whale watching destination. Namely, at Pat Morton Lookout. It’s the spot right before the whales cruise past the most easterly point of Australia as they make their migration up to the warmer waters of the Coral Sea. You can literally see them everywhere! The lookout can get quite busy, and I’m not one for a crowd, so I found a beautiful spot which is much quieter to watch them. If you don’t mind walking, continue up the stairs here and keep walking around to the next couple of lookout points. They are closer to the cliff edge as well, meaning sometimes you can see right on top of the whales that come in closer to the rocks to play.

Coffee mornings

Every morning, James and I would drive down to the beach to enjoy a coffee in my Keep Cup. We would park up and head over to the same chair each day to bask in the warmth of the sun whilst watching the surfers off in the distance. It became a little ritual for us.

Dolphin Watching at Lennox Head

Dolphin spotting

Watching dolphins is just as fun as spotting whales! I also found a great spot to see them daily. There is a dirt trail that runs down the hill at Pat Morton Lookout. If you walk all the way down to the waters edge there is a seat you can sit on to watch the sunrise. Either sit there, or head further down towards the large stones by the water and the pandanus tree. It was here James and I witnessed something pretty spectacular. Over a hundred dolphins swam past us one morning! First, it started with a pod of around 20, followed by another 20 and then another! They didn’t stop. All heading towards Byron Bay. By the end, we believe we saw at least 200 of them. It was a pretty exciting moment!

Girl Packing Car With Palm Tree Backdrop
In collaboration with Summer Bright Lager.

Palm trees

Living on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, you don’t see an abundance of palm trees. If you’re heading up the New South Wales coast, Lennox Head is one of the first places where you start to see a lot of them! It’s the first feeling of getting towards a more tropical setting. For a summer lover like myself, this is a great feeling! Sometimes it really is the little things that make you feel happy and grateful for the life you live.

The hinterland

One aspect that makes Lennox Head so special is that it’s just a stone’s throw away from the hinterland. Driving through endless green hills is always a nice change from the coast. It’s also refreshing to take a drive through the farms here and stop off at their little roadside stalls to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. My sister, James and I had an awesome day exploring this area. We spent time in Newrybar, Minyon Falls and the delicious Doma Cafe in Federal for some much needed sushi.

So, is a move to Lennox Head on the cards for us?

The answer is “not at this time”. James and I will be continuing our trip around Australia, exploring everything our amazing country has to offer. We’ll definitely be making a stop back here on our way back down the coast. Until then, I’ll be counting down the days until I’m enjoying the sunshine in Lennox Head again.

As most of Lennox Head is a “no fly” zone, our aerial photos from this location are minimal. However, all aerial photos from Lennox Head were taken by my fiancé James at Aeroaus and are all available for purchase.

I want to hear from you! Where is the place you want to settle in? Leave me a message in the comments below!