My story

Australian travel blogger

The first time I moved was at the age of 2 weeks old when my parents drove across the country from Perth to Canberra, kickstarting my life full of travel. Since then, I have lived in 11 different homes. From Sydney’s Northern Beaches to Australia’s capital, Canberra, and even an island off the south coast of Texas. (Yes, Texas has a coastline!)

Some of my strongest memories are from my time in Texas. My house backed onto a canal and I spent many evenings fishing with my family and my neighbours beside the chimenea. I remember the fairy light wrapped palm trees that lined all of the streets, the warm humid days and forever playing in the street with my two sisters. I know it’s these days that solidified my desire to live a happy, full life by the ocean.

Even though we moved around a lot, I spent the majority of my life growing up on the east coast of New South Wales. I’ve been lucky enough to see and travel to so many of Australia’s most beautiful destinations. Though I feel I’ve only just scratched the surface.

I’m currently residing on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW where I work with Aeroaus as an Australian content creator and digital marketer. I am also the owner of WRENEW & CO. I make and sell natural dry shampoo and deodorant, including Wrénew® Violet Hue Dry Shampoo for Blondes. An innovative, low tox solution combining subtle toning and dry shampoo into one. The first of its kind.

In my free time I’m exploring and experiencing all that this amazing country has to offer. Leaving no cove untouched, I aim to share our adventures through beautiful photography and the real stories of each location.

Carlo Sand Blow Sunset
Kaede Ker At Whitehaven Beach