Byron Bay reminds me of those warm, balmy summer days. When the sun sets and there’s still that warmth in the air, that freeing feeling that the day will never end. A feeling that sparks happiness and makes you feel secure.

There’s a lot of adventure in Byron Bay. So many little beaches and hidden walks that lead you out to beautiful coastal coves. You’ll never tire of these views. I could sit there and just stare out to the ocean for hours on end. Watching the waves roll by, drifting through a summer time bliss.

Girl Looking Out To The Ocean

A coastal paradise

There is a stretch of coastline in Byron Bay that is like nothing I’ve seen on the Australian east coast. Some of these beaches are tucked away, down a dirt road, accessible through short bush walks and down rugged cliffs. These walks open up to breathtaking white sand beaches, with bright, turquoise water glistening like diamonds from the sun beams.

Broken Head Aerial

My favourite spot is Whites Beach. Though, there is another beach that holds a special place in my heart. A really magical place named Kings Beach.

Man Sitting At Broken Head

Kings Beach can be found by walking through a bush track around from Broken Head. James and I spent many early mornings here, watching the sun come up from the top of the headland. An experience we also shared with what seemed like hundreds of dolphins. They were there for hours. Never before had I seen so many dolphins catching waves together in the one spot. (Not since the time we saw hundreds of dolphins travelling from Lennox Head down to Seven Mile Beach. I always wonder if they were the same ones…)

About these beaches…

Whites Beach

I adore Whites Beach. The little rock formations here give you a feeling of ultimate seclusion. We had this whole beach to ourselves one morning. It was so peaceful. The sun rising and the colour of the water just popping into a gorgeous turquoise instantly brought happiness to our day.

Kings Beach 

Kings Beach is a hidden delight! One we had never ventured to in all of our visits to Byron Bay. Although you have to visit here on a low tide to have enough sand to set your towel up on, you can still find comfort on the rocks. The water here is a stunning light, bright turquoise green. It is the colour you see on all the amazing drone photos of Byron Bay. Let me assure you, this colour is real (and not an enhancement of Lightroom). It’s incredible. 

Girl Standing At Broken Head

We spent our time at these beaches with no one else. We were the only ones there. Just enjoying the sunshine, swimming together in the cool waters and sharing memories of our recent adventures. Moments we’ll never get back but ones we’ll treasure forever and always strive to make more of.

Byron Bay Surfers Aerial

The best time to visit Byron Bay

Enjoying these beaches alone is a must. We’re always smart with our travel (when we can be). Travel before the summer school holidays sometime in November. The weather is always warm, and the crowds are always minimal.

Byron Bay is a very busy place, so waking up before sunrise is the best way to enjoy these spots. Especially places like The Pass. It’s a pretty special reward for the early morning, feeling like the only people in the world, getting a head start on the day so it lasts that little bit longer. It’s impossible to watch a sunrise and not feel happy, especially with so many dolphins around!!!

Aerial of The Pass

Breathtaking sunsets

If you know us, you’ll know James and I LOVE a good sunrise. Appreciating a colourful sunset is something that can unconditionally enrich your soul. But it’s not something we do enough! However, during our time in Byron Bay we did enjoy a pretty spectacular sunset. One of the prettiest I have ever seen. (That, and the sunset we experienced at Rainbow Beach).

It was an early November afternoon and it felt a little colder than usual. The sun was shining but there was a brisk chill to the air. We were at Wategos Beach and were meeting up with Saxon, another (awesome) drone photographer.

The sky was glowing that afternoon. It turned from a bright blue, to a light pastel pink, then to a strong burnt orange, before fading into a deep, dark purple as the sun set behind the hills of Belongil beach in the distance. It’s the angle Wategos is positioned that makes this view so spectacular.

We walked to the right side of the beach and around the rocks to find a little part of the beach for ourselves. The boys captured the ocean magnificently, with the light bringing out all of the green and blue colours of the ocean. 

Aerial of Hammerhead Shark at Byron Bay

That afternoon James was lucky enough to capture a hammerhead swimming behind the waves. It was thrilling to see! Exciting because we’d never seen one in the wild before, let alone from the drone, but also a little frightening as we held our breath hoping it showed no interest in the surfers. (And it didn’t). 

Aerial of Dolphins and a Surfer

My 5 tips for Byron Bay

  1. Looking for the best coffee? Head straight to Suffolk Bakery!
  2. Best sunset? Wategos Beach, hands down.
  3. Wake up before sunrise, always.
  4. If you want to see dolphins, your best bet is Broken Head Beach.
  5. Stay at Reflections Clarkes Beach in the Premium Villas.
Aerial of Surfers at The Pass

An adventure for yourself

While there is so much to do in Byron, and so many other incredible places to see, I truly believe the best part is the adventure to finding them. Adventuring yourself is how you discover your own little piece of paradise. Sometimes it’s the journey that makes a place so special. What you find along the way and the people you share these adventures with. 

Hopefully these photos can inspire you to do the same.

Girl Pointing At Dolphins
Aerial of Couple at Lennox Head

All photography taken by James Knight at Aeroaus and is available for purchase.

Are you taking a trip to Byron Bay anytime soon? Ask me your questions in the comments below.